A downloadable game

Blink is a 4 person arena combat game in the vein of games such as TowerFall and Samurai Gunn, in which players take control of combatants drawn from across the galaxy competing for gladiatorial glory in the best arenas the hub systems have built. Gladiators must master their ability to Blink, phasing themselves out of reality to quickly traverse the map and gain the advantage. The must be careful not to disappear too long lest they be stunned and open themselves up to attack. Each contestant is armed with a spear which can be used to stab or to throw, if the thrower is confident in his arm. Choose between the Last Man Standing and Blood on the Sand game types, in which you try, respectively, to outlast and outkill your opponents and win the laurels of victory. Fights are quick and brutal – just one hit will send a gladiator to his grave, so plan your strikes carefully. So grab your spears and your friends and compete to have your name sung throughout the galaxy – and a heap of gold on top!

Controller-supported game

Install instructions

1. Download .zip

2. Unzip

3. Run .exe

4. Hook up 2-4 Xbox controllers to play

5. Enjoy!


Blink v0.1.zip 8 MB